Foot Reflexology
Herbal Stamping Massage

Reflexology - Ancient practice of applying pressure to points on the bottom of the feet to affect specific areas of the body/ A full body “tune-up”. Choose from Traditional Reflexology or VitaFlex.

Therapeutic Massage - A unique massage session drawing from various modalities to meet specific needs. May include combination of techniques such as deep tissue, cross fiber, Center Balance, Swedish, Polarity, Kinesiology          

                                                                                              NeuroMuscular Therapy  - Specialized form of deep tissue massage in which digital pressure and friction are used to release areas of strain in the muscle called trigger points. The trigger points can be the cause of muscular pain symptoms. This therapy may produce longer lasting results.

Aromatherapy -A variety of specific essential oil application techniques including Raindrop, AromaShapes, and Neuricular and Body Wraps OR addition of essential oils to any service

                                                                                               Herbal Stamping Massage and Skin Treatment   - Massage is done with warm steamed bundles of herbs and other ingredients. Similar to hot stone massage with benefit of botanicals. Great for sore muscles, dry skin and stress reduction.

Ionic Foot Detox - A foot bath using an electrical current to detox and alkalize. Visual results are amazing.